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The Foundation of Nejdek  

A long time ago, a hunter from Loket Castle lost his way in the forests of the Ore Mountains. In the evening, the desperate hunter climbed up a tall fir tree to look around and find a way out of the forest. The hunter was delighted after spotting a high stone tower with a shingle roof in a valley. The relieved hunter set out towards the tower. As he approached the castle, he was horrified by the dreadful crime he saw. A man with bound hands was dragged to the tower gallery, stabbed with a sword, and thrown into the deep below. The horror-stricken hunter rushed through the valley of the Rolava River to Loket to bring news of the nest of rogues in the Lord's forests. The Lord immediately ordered his men-at-arms to capture and destroy the small castle and to arrest the rogues. Nevertheless, the villains spotted the approaching armed company and fled. Their keep was won without bloodshed. To ensure that the place would never again serve as a refuge for thieves, the forests in the valley were felled. A settlement was founded upon the order of the Loket burgrave and named Nejdek according to the new roof on the castle tower, which was derived from the German word Neudek meaning "new roof".

The Black Tower is a relic of a royal watch castle built on a steep rocky spur where the valley forms a bend. Its position allowed almost perfect control of the provincial trail leading along the Rolava River into Saxony.

Adapted from: Burachovič, S.: Pověsti Karlovarska (Legends of the Karlovy Vary District), Median, Karlovy Vary 1992, page 46