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Legend of Blessed Hroznata 

Hroznata was the descendant of a prominent Bohemian noble family holding wealthy demesnes in western Bohemia. He was stillborn and his despairing mother beseeched the heavens to revive her child with such devoutness that her pleas were heard. Hroznata miraculously escaped death two more times in his childhood years. Out of gratitude, Hroznata dedicated his life to the Lord and founded the monastery in Teplá. One day, the abbot charged Hroznata with inspecting the abbey estate in Hroznětín. Hroznata chose a companion from among the monks and set out on the journey. Along the way, the two men were taken hostage by a knight-robber who was a sworn enemy of the abbey. The knight took the hostages to his castle known as Kinsberg near Cheb (present-day Starý Hrozňatov) where he demanded a large ransom from the abbey for Hroznata. The monks from Teplá would have been able to gather the demanded amount, yet Hroznata would not allow the abbot to pay the ransom. Hroznata was cruelly punished by the knight-robber for his decision. After atrocious torture, Hroznata died a martyr on 14 July 1217. His fellow prisoner feverishly contemplated plans for his escape. One night, the dungeon cell was filled with a shining light and Hroznata clad in a white habit appeared before the prisoner. Hronzata waved his hand and the prisoner was instantly released from his chains. The jail door opened and the monk was free to return to the monastery. Hroznata's body was taken to the Teplá Abbey and buried in the abbey church. Melancholy fell heavier and heavier on the knight-robber, depriving him of any joy for life. Eventually, he disappeared without a trace and no one ever heard of him again.  

The traditional respect towards Hroznata was augmented by his beatification on 16 September 1897. The festive day commemorating Blessed Hroznata is traditionally celebrated on the 14th of July. The process of the canonization of Blessed Hroznata commenced in September 2004 and to this day, Blessed Hroznata is revered as the patron of political prisoners.

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