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Witch or White Lady? 

If you visit Vildštejn Castle you ought to see the castle crypt where a woman's skull and a few other bones discovered during the demolition of the castle chimney were laid to rest. The skeleton remains were found in a box, which also contained a glass flask, a few blades of grass and a fishing hook. Some people living below the castle believed the skeleton remains might belong to one of the daughters of the Trautenberg family, which owned the castle. The daughter was quite unsightly, she was familiar with the power of herbs, and she made all sorts of herbal potions and ointments. She mysteriously disappeared one day and was never found. Other people told stories of a White Lady roaming through the castle on clear nights. She never harmed anyone and those who saw her solemnly swore that she looked quite unhappy. Even today, we can still find enough people in the village of Skalná who will swear that they really seen the White Lady...

Vildštejn Castle represents the most wholly preserved Romanesque castle in the district of Cheb. It was founded in the 1200s. The castle acquired its present-day appearance over the course of the 15th and 16th century. It is now in private hands and part of the castle premises were refurbished as a medieval banqueting hall.

Adapted from: Schneiderová, D. M. : Johanka z Wildštejna aneb čarodějnice, bílá paní nebo žena? (Johanna of Wildstein or Witch, White Lady or Woman?), SAVAD, Skalná 2002