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Legend of the Kobold 

The hereditary adit was tunnelled upon the order of the owner of the Bečov demesne, Kašpar Pluh, in 1539 for the purpose of draining the mines in the Slavkov and Krásno mining district. People who later disappeared without a trace were often seen entering Pluh's Adit. A miner once saw a stranger enter the adit so he called out: "God speed!" although he did not receive any reply.

The stranger dressed as a typical miner disappeared into the rock with a dark rumbling noise and the man, scared out of his wits, fell so ill that he only came round only after a couple days. He then told everyone of his encounter with the mighty ruler of the underworld, the Kobold.

The hereditary adit of Kašpar Pluh is located near Horní Slavkov. Its mouth can be found approximately 1.5 kilometres left of the road in the direction from Loket. In its time, the adit belonged to the longest Czech and European workings. In 1655, it reached its ultimate length of 5.9 kilometres.

Adapted from: Brtek, J. Pověsti svobodného královského horního města Horní Slavkov a jeho okolí (Legends of the Free Royal Mining Town of Horní Slavkov and its Surroundings), Sokolov District Museum, 1994
Literature: Beran, P. et al.: Královské město Horní Slavkov (Royal Town of Horní Slavkov), the town of Horní Slavkov and the Sokolov District Museum, Horní Slavkov 2001