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Legend of the Killed Youth 

Recent history has been concealed by the 13th century castle walls. The dead body of a young man with a deep wound on the top of his head was found under the windows of the southern palace in front of the knight's hall a couple of years ago. The wound could not have been caused by a fall. The young man lived in a nearby village and he used to spend a lot of time at the deserted castle. He allegedly protected the castle from being looted by wild tramps, vandals, and scroungers coming from near and far. Were his voluntary services fatal? Who knows....

He used to ride to the castle on his motorbike and this was found in fields far away from the castle after his death. It is certain, however, that cats frequently gathering in the southern palace flee the castle with harrowing shrieks on certain nights without any obvious reason. Some of the helpers who often spent the night at the castle told others of their nightmares and restless sleep the next day.

Some people claim that they heard footsteps echoing through the several floor high stone stairways. When they call out to find out who is wandering around the castle at such a late hour, the only answer is the echo of their voice.

The original medieval castle is apparently a royal castle built at the end of the 13th century. It was built in a strategically advantageous location to protect a trail leading through the nearby valley of the Ohře River.

Adapted from: Resource material provided by Pavel Palacký