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How Pluh of Rabštejn Saved the Castle 

A strange event occurred in the course of the last major reconstruction of Bečov Castle in the 19th century. After the blasters had blasted out the massive wall by the castle chapel tower, a dark silhouette of a man wearing a flowing cloak and an old-fashioned hat slowly emerged from the cloud of dust. When the figure moved, turning around somewhat stiffly, and the men saw the man's grey gloomy face with eyes flaring and flashing like coal in the open door of a kiln, their consternation turned into sheer horror. Head over heels, they ran down the rocky road towards the chateau, screaming and tripping over each other. The owner of the castle, Duke Beaufort, was discussing the plans for the castle reconstruction with the architect Zítek in the chateau library when they heard the turmoil and the noise drawing nearer from the outside. All of a sudden, the door flew open with a rumbling noise and a large figure stood in the doorway. Sparks were spurting from the figure's eyes, reaching as far as the plans lying on the table. Without moving its lips, the figure gave out such a terrifying cry that both men's ears were ringing. Duke Beaufort fainted and fell to the ground.

Architect Zítek knelt down to help the Duke. When he looked back up, the figure was gone and only the burnt and torn plans lay on the table. As soon as the men had collected themselves, they realized that they had been visited by a long gone owner of the castle, Kašpar Pluh of Rabštejn. He had owned the castle a long time ago and had come to warn them to leave the castle which he had built alone and which had been a witness to his immense power and wealth, as well as his abrupt fall.

And so it happened. Without any explanation, Duke Beaufort stopped the reconstruction and the castle has thus been preserved to this time. Only the broken library door had to be repaired.

The legend is associated with the last reconstruction of the Bečov Castle and Chateau complex, which was carried out between 1861 and 1865 according to the design of J. Zítek and J. Mocker. Fortunately, without the intended complex reconstruction of the castle in a Romantic style that would have destroyed the most valuable trait of the castle – its medieval character

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Literature: Anderle, J. – Kyncl, J: Vývoj horního hradu v Bečově nad Teplou (Development of the Upper Castle in Bečov nad Teplou) in průzkumy památek II. (Historical Monument Research II), 2002