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Porcelain Manufacturing in Stará Role 

Manufacturing in Stará Role near Karlovy Vary was established in October 1810, when Benedikt Haßlacher, then owner of the porcelain factory in Dalovice, purchased the land on the left bank of the Rolava River and built a large mill, two buildings and a circular kiln where he started his pottery production.

In 1824 the factory was acquired by Augustin Nowotný, a Prague businessman who relocated the factory onto the right bank of the Rolava River and extended production in such a manner that there were soon 100 employees with products being sold through warehouses in Prague, Vienna and Pest. Nowotný was able to correctly forecast that business prosperity would require something more than just pottery, and therefore the Stará Role factory began to produce porcelain in 1836.

Porcelain from Stará Role

The present day significance and range of porcelain manufacturing is due to Emanuel Nowotný who further expanded the factory. In 1870 the factory employed 800 employees. In the 1880s porcelain manufacturing became a victim of the economic crisis and in 1884 it was purchased in an auction by the Moritz Zdekauer banking house from Prague who managed to re-establish export capacities and products began to be delivered to Northern and Southern America, onto the Dutch market and into the Dutch colonies.

In 1909 the factory was taken over by the German porcelain concern C. M. Hutschenreuter. The German concern understood that the brand mark with the initials “MZ” was already well known and established on the market and this continuity was thus maintained over the following years. This brand mark, an eagle with a crown and the MZ initials, has been used up to this day. After the end of the Second World War in October 1945, the porcelain factory was nationalized after which it underwent several reorganizations, and in 1958 it was integrated into the Karlovarský porcelán (Karlovy Vary Porcelain) state enterprise.

In November 1992 the porcelain factory was privatized and the current joint stock company Starorolský porcelán Moritz Zdekauer, a. s. was established. Nowadays the joint stock company is focused on the production of household utility porcelain, porcelain for hotels and restaurant facilities, and decorative porcelain.