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Lesov at Karlovy Vary ("Concordia") 

This minor porcelain factory was established in Lesov in 1919 and produced average quality utility porcelain. In 1945 it was nationalized and merged with the factory in Ostrov, which was then shut down in 1949.

In 1948 the porcelain factory in Lesov was integrated into the newly established departmental headquarters of Karlovarský porcelán n.p. (Karlovy Vary Porcelain, national enterprise). The development plant operated in Lesov where the majority of shapes were designed under the supervision of Prof. Jaroslav Ježek, the chief artist and were then implemented by some of the plants.

Nowadays, the plant produces 1,000 tonnes of porcelain per year, i.e. 4.5 million pieces and employs 280 staff.

The Concordia porcelain factory is well known for its extensive Bernadotte relief set which has been produced in white and an ivory colour for several decades. In 1999 the Colon shape was launched into production.