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Porcelain Manufacturing in Doubí 

Porcelain from DoubíThe factory in Doubí was established in 1849 by the Prague burgher Jan Möhling, the son-in-law of Jiří Lippert, the co-owner of the Slavkov porcelain factory. Disagreements between him and the other co-owner, August Hase, were settled in such a manner that Möhling sold Haas his share and established the porcelain factory in Doubí. In 1860 Möhling sold the factory, where he worked personally as a modeller, to A. C. Anger who owned it until 1901, when the factory became part of the property of the company Ludwig Engel und Sohn. After the First World War, in 1922, the porcelain factory became part of the EPIAG concern.

Great quality porcelain was produced in Doubí, however, its artistic level was only average. Standard shaped porcelain ware, the then popular Rococo style with a rather schematic, mostly floral design pattern, was produced most of all. Vessels in the form of fruits, flowers or ladies in crinolines were very popular. Glazed or biscuit genre figures were sometimes made according to Jan Möhling´s own designs or according to the Meissen models.