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Porcelain Manufacturing in Nová Role 

Porcelain cup from Nová RoleThe porcelain factory in Nová Role was established in 1921 as the company "Keramické závody a. s. Bohemia" (Ceramic Works a.s. Bohemia). It produced dining and drinking sets, hotel porcelain and decorative luxury goods.

In 1945 the factory was nationalized and in 1958 was integrated into the departmental head office of Karlovarský porcelán n.p. (Karlovy Vary Porcelain, national enterprise) as the Nová Role plant. In Nová Role a large modern plant was then built, producing both utility and luxury dining and drinking sets of outstanding quality.

Nowadays the plant in Nová Role is still a part of the company Karlovarský porcelán, a. s. It produces approximately 4000 tonnes of porcelain each year and employs 500 staff. The factory uses up-to-date technologies and produces nine complete shapes of utility porcelain.