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Porcelain Manufacturing in Loket 

Porcelain from LoketEvžen and Rudolf Haidinger, the sons of a Viennese family, prepared themselves for careers as porcelain producers: after three years of theoretical and practical experience in manufacturing in Vienna and after study tours around ceramic factories in Germany, France and Holland they established a porcelain factory on land in Loket which had been bought by their mother in 1815. The factory was distinguished by the changed conditions compared to older porcelain factories. After the loss of particular Bavarian kaolin deposits and as a result of the political situation, governmental circles focussed their attention on the potential utilization of the rich and quality raw material available in the Czech lands. The Haidinger brothers obtained a loan from the Vienna factory in order to construct the factory in Loket. Despite financial difficulties over the following years, the factory attained a high production level and was awarded silver medals (for mass whiteness, glaze pureness, shape elegance and décor beauty) in Prague in 1828 and 1831 followed by the gold medal in 1836.

During the economic crisis from 1873 to 1880, the factory property was transferred to the company Loketská společnost pro průmysl porcelánu a uhlí Springer a Oppenheimer (the Springer and Oppenheimer Loket Company for the Porcelain and Coal Industry), which from 1884 was known only as Springer & Co. With the outstanding production standard reached in the 1920s and the 1930s, the porcelain factory in Loket continued with the tradition of the Czech porcelain reputation, which was, at the first stage of the porcelain development in the Czech lands, particularly represented by the factories in Březová, Horní Slavkov and Klášterec. The first stage of the development of porcelain production, completed by the construction of the factory in Loket in 1915, included the establishment of porcelain factories in Prague and a small factory in Ždanov.