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Porcelain Manufacturing in Dvory 

The history of the G. Benedikt company began in 1882, when the Benedikt brothers established a porcelain factory in Dvory, called ”Gebrüder Benedikt” in honour of their founders. The stylized GB monogram has accompanied the manufactured porcelain throughout its existence.

In 1932 the factory became part of the EPIAG (Erste Böhmische Porzellan Industrie A.G.) concern.

Porcelain from Dvory

This concern had its showrooms and agencies in many of the world’s metropolises. The beginnings of the production of hotel porcelain for the First Porcelain Production for Hotels and Restaurants date back to 1958, when the factory was integrated into the departmental enterprise, Karlovarský porcelán (Karlovy Vary Porcelain) as plant 07 Dvory.

New Princip, Praha, Diana, Forta, Melodie and Kent hotel porcelain shapes were gradually launched into production until the plant became an exclusive porcelain producer for hotels and the catering industry. One of its features is its stronger structure, which has up to four times higher mechanical ruggedness than standard porcelain, thus allowing harder treatment.

Porcelain from DvoryCatering professionals also appreciate the outstanding thermal insulating ability. Company development after 1989 The milestone in the development of the G. Benedikt company came in 1992. Then, under privatization, the plant became part of the concern Keramik Holding AG Laufen as Hotelový porcelán Karlovy Vary a.s. (Hotel Porcelain Karlovy Vary, joint stock company).

During this time, a globally unique project involving the transfer of the production of the world-renowned Langenthal and Lilien brands to the porcelain factory in Dvory took place. On 1 November 1997 the company became a member of the new group, Porzellan Langenthal Gruppe - PLG.

Porcelain from Dvory

At the turn of the millennium two thirds of the white porcelain production within the scope of this group was only in Dvory. The other companies in Austria, Switzerland and France were to specifically deal with sales and marketing activities. However, the PLG management could not manage to implement this project and subsequently the group’s companies went bankrupt. G. Benedikt in the 21st century: In 2002 the company was bought by the Czech Polyflex company which took over the historical name of G. Benedikt and injected the capital necessary for further development.