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Porcelain Manufacturing in Chodov 

Porcelain from Chodov The porcelain factory was established by Franz Miessl, the owner of Chodov Manor and a businessman dealing in coal. He obtained the licence to produce pottery from his own deposits in 1811. However, business did not thrive so in 1830 he decided to lease it to F. Weis, a senior painter at the porcelain factory in Kysibel. When Weis was not successful either, Miessl sold the factory to J. Dietl, J. Hüttner and J. Schreyer in the same year. They obtained the municipal privilege to produce porcelain in 1835.

Production was mainly concentrated on common Empire shapes. After 1840 the enterprise was bought by Dr. Geitner, a Saxon physician, who sold it to Moses Porges von Portheim, a Prague textile manufacturer, five years later who had two new factory buildings immediately built and entrusted his two sons – Ignác and Gustav – with the administration and management of the porcelain factory. As production grew, its artistic tendencies began to focus on the shapes of the second Rococo with the main emphasis placed on fine sculptural relief.

Porcelain from ChodovThe independent development of the Chodov porcelain factory ended in 1871 when the Portheims sold it to the owners of the factory in Horní Slavkov – the Haas and Cžjžek company. Further development took place until the factory was nationalized by the decree of President E. Beneš of 24 November 1945, thus Slavkovský porcelán, n. p. (Slavkov Porcelain, national enterprise) in the field of fine ceramics, assigned to the group “Ke 14” with the plants of Horní Slavkov, Chodov, Božíčany, Loučky and Porag in Loket, came into existence on the basis of the governmental decrees from 1946. In 1958 porcelain manufacture in Chodov became one of the plants of the Karlovarský porcelain (Karlovy Vary Porcelain) enterprise. Nowadays the factory produces hand-made and hand-decorated pink porcelain. Unlike other producers, Chodov stains the porcelain mass itself. In 2000 the exclusive President table porcelain for festive events organized by President Václav Havel was added to the production.