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Porcelain Manufacturing in Klášterec 

The beginnings of porcelain production in Klášterec date back to 1793 - 1794. At that time J. M. Weber, the managing director of Thun Manor, attempted porcelain production from clay accidentally discovered in the vicinity of Černice.

After unsuccessful firing in the kiln in the chateau garden, with Count Thun’s support, Weber built the factory. To this time the oldest known demonstration of Czech porcelain production – a cup with a plate signed VIVAT BÖHEMN, dates back to then.

Thun Porcelain     Thun Porcelain     Thun Porcelain    Thun Porcelain

In 1797 the factory lessee became Christian Nonne from Thuringia, then later R. Habertitze who extended and modernized the factory. In 1820 the factory was taken over by the owner of the Thun manor at his own cost. Two years later, in 1822, the municipal privilege of the “Imperial and Royal Privileged Factory” was obtained due to the appreciation of the good quality which increased the sales opportunities. In 1836 the factory was awarded a bronze medal with an honourable mention at the industrial exhibition in Prague. During the period of factory management by Karel Venier, the porcelain manufacturing was further developed, which resulted in it being ranked among the most significant factories in Bohemia and abroad. This is documented by the many exhibition medals and awards.

The Thun’s managed the factory until its nationalization in 1945. The porcelain factory in Klášterec is nowadays one of the production plants for Karlovarský porcelán a.s. (Karlovy Vary Porcelain, joint stock company). The second half of the last century and the beginning of this century shows a significant growth in the porcelain industry. At that time, earthenware (earlier called pottery) was quickly replaced by porcelain products in almost all levels of the population. In the Czech lands, a total of 53 porcelain factories were established in Western Bohemia from 1850 until the foundation of Czechoslovakia, when there were 32 in the area of Western Bohemia.