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Our Region on Postal Stamps
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Our Region on Postal Stamps 
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EnvelopeStamps are sometimes said to be a miniaturized world and the source of both information and enjoyment. The truth is that ever since the stamp represented the proof of the postage payment, various objects have appeared on it. Our region, the smallest in the Czech Republic, has a rich history and an inexhaustible quantity of natural beauty. Hard-working people who have cultivated and developed the region have always lived here. We suppose that despite the fact that various curiosities of our region have been missed on stamps, the stamps issued predicate the life in the region. Try to get to know it through them as well...

The stamps, the content of which refers to the Karlovy Vary Region, were issued by Czechoslovakia, or by the Czech Republic and Germany. They can be divided into the following basic categories:

The material was developed according to the publication, ”The Karlovy Vary Region on Postal Stamps“ under the authors´ kind permission.