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Our Region on Postal Stamps
Region of Porcelain
The Region in Legends and Tales
Stamps with Science, Arts and Sports Themes 

Stamp - JáchymovThe discovery of radium by Marie Sklodowska-Curie in the Jáchymov pitchblende was important and started a whole series of actions and events in modern day history. On 29 August 1966 a 60-haler revenue stamp number 1549 with the sign Jáchymov – the Cradle of the Atomic Era was issued. The theme of F. Hudeček was engraved by L. Jirka. A sixty-haler stamp was printed by rotation die stamping and gravure printing with an 11¼: 11½ frame perforation. Shining uranium ore, hidden in the depth of the earth, and a schematic atom model are illustrated on the stamp.

Envelope of the first day issueOn the FDC there is an illustration of the Hot Spring and a closed wave line representing an atom line with the sign - Jáchymov – the Cradle of the Atomic Era.


Stamp - Cheb national costumeStamp - Cheb national costumeFolk arts are represented here by two German stamps with the same motif, issued in December 1938, catalogue numbers 684 and 685 (Michel), on which there is a married couple in Cheb national costume. The stamps were printed by die stamping on paper with a watermark with the hooked cross; their denomination values were 6 and 12 pfennig with fourteen- and eight-pfennig surcharges.


Stamp - handgunAmong the products of an artistic nature we can consider are a wheel lock gun that was produced in Cheb in around 1580.
Envelope of the first day issueIt is illustrated on stamp No. 1744, issued on 18 February 1969. The theme was developed by V. Kovářík and engraved by J. Herčík. The stamp was traditionally printed by rotation die stamping combined with gravure printing, with an 11¼ frame perforation.

On FDC a wheel lock of a gun made in Cheb from stamp No. 1744 is drawn.

Stamp, EXPO 70 OsakaIn 1970 the EXPO 70 World Exhibition was held in Osaka, Japan. Czechoslovakia also participated in this exhibition. 
On this occasion a series of six stamps was issued, documenting Czech history, craftsmanship and arts. Stamp No. 1816, which is very important to us, with s denomination value of 50 halers, was designed by K. Vodák and engraved by L. Jirka. It was printed by a combination of rotation die stamping and gravure printing with an 11¾: 11¼ perforation. On the stamp historical bells, the central one of which comes from Cheb, are illustrated. It was cast in 1286. Now it is displayed in the Cheb museum. Envelope of the first day issue

On the FDC there is the symbol of the EXPO 70 OSAKA exhibition and then Czechoslovak and Japanese flags.

Stamp - Weight lifterFor sports the Junior World Weightlifting Championship held in Cheb in 1993 got onto the six-crown stamp No. 8 of the Czech Republic. TJ Škoda Rotava was and TJ Blaník Sokolov is still a well-known base for weightlifters in the region.
Envelope of the first day issueThe stamp was printed by a combination of rotation die stamping and gravure printing with an 11½: 11¼ frame perforation. On the stamp is a weight lifter jerking the bar-bell. In a part of the emission some plate defects and two production defects have occurred.
On the FDC a cycle of phases of jerking the bar-bell is drawn.