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Our Region on Postal Stamps
Region of Porcelain
The Region in Legends and Tales
Stamps with Themes of the Typical Products from our Region 

The characteristic utilization of the local raw material – kaolin - is porcelain. It has been produced in nearly all parts of our region as well as the neighbouring regions for centuries. The first attempts at production in the village of Háje - Rabesgrün were made as early as in 1789, as well as the first and still operating porcelain factory which was established in Horní Slavkov in 1792. On 15 June 1977 a six-stamp series of revenue postal stamps was issued under the title, Traditions of Czechoslovak Porcelain. Products from the porcelain factories of Klášterec, Březová, Horní Slavkov and Dubí were illustrated on them. The theme was developed by V. Kovářík. Engravings for Nos. 2257 and 2258 were carried out by J. Mráček, for Nos. 2259 and 2260 by J. Schmidt, and for Nos. 2261 and 2262 by M. Ondráček. They were printed by traditional rotation die stamping on optically brightened paper with an 11¼: 11¾ frame perforation.

Stamp, Porcelain TeapotOn stamp No. 2257 with a denomination value of 20 halers there is a teapot with the "Bird and Rock" cobalt pattern from the porcelain factory in Klášterec nad Ohří and a teapot with the immortelle décor of the porcelain factory in Březová. Both teapots are in the background with a developed décor. The brands from the porcelain factories in Klášterec and Březová are on the bottom left.

Stamp, Medici VaseOn stamp 2258 with a denomination value of 30 halers a vase with golden décor is, the so-called Medici, a product of the porcelain factory in Horní Slavkov. The product is owned by the Art Gallery in Karlovy Vary. In the background the basic décor of the vase is used again, and the brand of the Slavkov porcelain factory is on the bottom left.

Envelope of the first day issueOn the FDC with these two products there is a seal in the shape of teapots with a cobalt décor and a dessert plate with an immortelle décor, and the basic features of the teapot and the cream pot from the “ELKA” set from Lesov are schematically drawn there.


Vase dated 1820Stamp, TeapotThe Horní Slavkov porcelain factory is also represented on stamp 2259 with a denomination value of 40 halers, where the vase dated back to 1820, owned by ÚPM Prague, is illustrated. Another Slavkov product is on stamp 2260 with a denomination value of 60 halers. It is a teapot with a cup. The brand of the Slavkov porcelain factory is again below on the left. In a minor part of the emission a reverse frame perforation appears with this brand.


Envelope of the first day issueEnvelope of the first day issueOn the FDC there is a seal in the shape of a teapot with a plate and the teapot from the "Josefina" set from Loučky, historical terina from Klášterec and a saucer are illustrated. The official envelope of the Czechoslovak Communications issued on the occasion of the Regional Exhibition of Postal Stamps in Horní Slavkov in 1980 is also well-known.