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Our Region on Postal Stamps
Region of Porcelain
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Nature Protection 

The post-war development of our region was not simple. In the post-war period German inhabitants were expatriated. The Czech element did not resettle all territories, and a significant part of the region remained unsettled. At that time the uranium fever broke out and the towns of Jáchymov and Horní Slavkov, including their surroundings, underwent significant changes. Moreover, a major part of the region was declared a military area, which resulted in further displacement. With regard to uranium extraction the military village was moved to Doupov, but Slavkovský les (Slavkov Forest) remained abandoned. After the failure to settle it, in 1973 it was decided to establish the Protected Landscape Area here.
Stamp of arnicaA characteristic plant of our region - arnica (arnica montana) – was integrated into the coat-of-arms of this area. This plant is illustrated on stamp number 1493 with a denomination value of CSK 1.20, issued on 6 December 1965 in a seven-stamp series of Medicinal Herbs. The theme was developed by Karel Svolinský and engraved by L. Jirka. The stamp was printed by die stamping of flat plates with a 14 frame perforation.