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Our Region on Postal Stamps
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Stamps with Balneology Themes 

Stamp of Karlovy VaryStamp of Mariánské LázněThe very first Czechoslovak postal stamp with a motif from the Karlovy Vary Region was in the series of four stamps dated 2 April 1951 called Czechoslovak Spas. They were designed by Z. Pokorný and the graphic design and engraving was carried out by Jindra Schmidt. The stamps were printed by die stamping of flat plates with a 13¾ frame perforation.
From those stamps, two belonged to our region. On the stamps for catalogue number LT 33, with a denomination value of CSK 6.-, there was a Soviet produced IL 12 airplane over the colonnade in Karlovy Vary. On the LT 35 stamp with a denomination of CSK 15.- there is also an IL 12, this time over the colonnade in Mariánské Lázně.

Stamp of Mariánské LázněStamp of Karlovy VaryAnother spa motif appeared in the series of four stamps dated 1956, called Czechoslovak Spas. The theme of the stamps theme was created by M. Stretti. The stamps were printed by rotation die stamping with an 11¼ frame perforation.
On the stamp of catalogue number 873, with a denomination value of 30 halers, there is a view of Vřídlo (Hot Spring) and the Colonnade in Karlovy Vary. This stamp was engraved by J. Mráček. It is clear from the view that the artist used some artistic licence; Vřídlo is not in front of the Colonnade.
On stamp 874 with a denomination value of 45 halers there is Cross Spring Pavilion with a bust of J. J. Nehr (1752 - 1820) from Mariánské Lázně.

Envelope of the first day issue

The First Day Covers, the so-called FDC, were issued for these stamps, with all the stamps of the series issued. The FDC motif is a spa cup, behind which the sun is shining with the sign – For Health to Czechoslovak spas.

Stamp Mariánské Lázně 1958Stamp Karlovy Vary 1958Other stamps were in a six-stamp series dated 25 June 1958, again traditionally called Czechoslovak Spas, printed by die stamping and with an 11¾: 11½ frame perforation.
On the 30-haler stamp for catalogue number 1003 there is traditionally Karlovy Vary with its Colonnade of Czechoslovak-Soviet Friendship. On the stamp there is the Karlovy Vary sign and the years 1358 - 1958 (foundation of the town, Bruschius). The theme of the stamp was created by V. Šprungl and it was engraved by B. Roule.
On the stamp with the denomination value of 60 halers with number 1005 there is Caroline’s Spring Colonnade in Mariánské Lázně. There is the Mariánské Lázně sign with the years 1808 – 1958 on the stamp. The theme was developed by K. Tondl and it was engraved by J. Mráček.

EnvelopeThis series also had First Day Covers (FDC). On the motif, Vřídlo (Hot Spring) is illustrated, from which a couple in period costume are taking thermal water. The picture is completed with the Czechoslovak Spas sign.


Stamp of Karlovy VaryIn 1962 the World Postal Stamps Exhibition was held in Prague. Therefore a new eleven-stamp series promoting the exhibition was issued on 23 October 1962. The stamps were printed by die stamping of flat plates and 11¾: 11¼ frame perforation. On stamp 1209 with the denomination value of 60 halers there is a view through the columns of the traditionally illustrated the Colonnade of Czechoslovak-Soviet Friendship and a typical spa cup.

EnvelopeThis stamp is also on the FDC, with a three-Crown stamp. On the envelope there is a pen drawing of the Old Town Hall in Prague with the sign PRAGA 1962 World Postal Stamp Exhibition.


Stamp of Karlovy VaryThe Karlovy Vary Colonnade also appeared on the last stamp with the spa motif dated 21 August 1967. In front of the colonnade, Vřídlo (Hot Spring) is illustrated as it looked between 1940 - 1967, when it was provisionally enclosed and roofed by a wooden structure with the arches of open ribs according to the design of H. Schnabl. The stamp was issued on the occasion of the V Sport and Cultural Festival for Communication Workers in Karlovy Vary. The theme was developed by J. Lukavský and it was engraved by B. Houska. It was printed by a combination of rotation die stamping and gravure printing with an 11¼: 11¾ frame perforation. Its denomination value was 30 halers and its catalogue number was 1625.

Envelope of the first day issueOn the FDC issued a post horn is illustrated, in which there is the symbol of communications, and it is completed with the sign for V Sport and the Cultural Festival of Communication Workers Karlovy Vary 1967.