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Chlum Svaté Maří 

The village of Chlum Svaté Maří (Saint Mary's Hurst) in the district of Sokolov is mainly known for its parish and Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Nonetheless, we are interested in the village due to its lookout tower on Drsný Hill (meaning "Rough Hill", 570 m). In 1903, it was the subject of interest of the Ore Mountains Tourist Association, which was planning to build a tourist lookout tower on the hill.

Chlum Svaté MaříThe association succeeded in the following year and the tower was adjoined by a tourist lodge with a refreshment room. The grand opening of the complex took place on May 15, 1904. After World War II, the complex became private property and served for residential purposes. The lookout tower was closed and it has remained closed to this day. Approximately 50 metres from the tower, you may visit another interesting sight – a triangular geodetic tower that may also serve as a good viewing point.