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SkokyThe settlement of Skoky (meaning "Leaps" in Czech) towering above the Žlutice Dam was founded in the 18th century around the newly built Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary. In the early 20th century, the village had 26 houses and 144 inhabitants, a one-room school, a parish, and a mill (source: Otto's Encyclopaedia). At present, several tumbledown farm buildings are still standing in the village, as well as a deserted scrubby cemetery. The Baroque single-aisle Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary was built in the village between 1736 and 1738 on the site of an older chapel. The majestic sanctuary with an oblong presbytery, a two-tower facade with an iron gate decorated with stars and a diagonal grating were almost destroyed by vandals and hardly anything is left of the original church interior after their frequent raids.
During pilgrimages, some statues and paintings are brought from the Teplá Monastery and shortly displayed at the church.
The pilgrimage site became well known in 1717 when a local squire built a small chapel revering the painting of the Virgin Mary the Helper. Numerous miracles and cured illnesses made the site so famous that pilgrimage masses are held to this day. The tradition of pilgrimages was not even interrupted by the world wars or the Communist Regime when the access road disappeared in the Žlutice water reservoir. Unfortunately, the National Monument Institute did not include the church in the list of endangered and unused immovable monuments in the Czech Republic and a charitable money collection is currently underway aimed at raising funds to save the church.