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Pilgrimage Church of St. Catherine in Krásno 

KrásnoThe small town of Krásno with the parish Church of St. Catherine situated in Slavkovský les (Slavkov Forest) was founded as a miners' settlement as early as in the 13th century. Unfortunately, all historical buildings burnt to ashes during a devastating fire of the town in 1848. After the fire, the original Gothic Church of St. Catherine built in the times of King Charles IV was reconstructed into a pseudo-Romanesque church. In 1677, carpenter Zimmerhackl from Krásno carved a sculpture of the Madonna with Baby Jesus from branches of an uprooted linden. He straightened the fallen trunk and placed the wood-carved sculpture into an opening in the trunk. The Madonna became popular all over the region. The wooden sculpture of the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus, to which miraculous powers were attributed, turned the town of Krásno into a place of pilgrimage. Nowadays, renewed pilgrimages are held every second Saturday in July.