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Maria Loreto Starý Hrozňatov 

Maria Loreto Starý HrozňatovThe magnificent Loreto with the pilgrimage Church of the Holy Ghost stands on a hill above the village of Starý Hrozňatov (original name: Kiensberg, German: Altkinsberg) approximately 5 kilometres from Cheb. Built in 1664, it belongs among the most visited pilgrimage sites in Bohemia and Germany. During the Communist Regime devastation fell upon the Loreto complex. The dilapidated complex was reconstructed with financial aid of the inhabitants of Waldsassen, Germany after 1992. Documentation elaborated two years before had already emphasized the artistic and historical value of Maria Loreto. Nonetheless, after calculating the total costs for the renovation or demolition of the complex, an ascertainment was that neither solution was feasible due to a lack of funds. Therefore, Anton Hart, a native of Starý Hrozňatov, who was living at the time in Waldsassen, founded a society for preserving and supporting the Maria Loreto pilgrimage site in 1992. The foundation meeting was held on February 11, 1992. The society was gradually joined by the town of Cheb and the Regional Monument Conservation Institute. The ceremony of the building a new belfry and the consecration of the renewed Chapel of Mercy took place two years later. From the following year on, regular monthly services were held at the Chapel of Mercy and in the Church of the Holy Ghost. Reconstruction continued, some of the Stations of the Cross were re-consecrated and the cemetery with a meditation park were renovated and fenced in 2000. Maria Loreto has found its lost beauty and it has become a place of gathering of Czechs and Germans and a symbol of conciliation.

Maria Loreto

Anton Hart (June 12, 1914 –September 15,2004), a native of Starý Hrozňatov displaced from Egerland (German name for the area of Cheb) after World War II, had greatest merit in the revival of Maria Loreto. His wish was to make Maria Loreto not only a revived pilgrimage site, but also a symbol of the joint efforts of Czechs and Germans. He wanted Maria Loreto to become place where people could gather, get to known one other, make friends, and where new relationships would undo the old wrongs done on both sides. He succeeded in doing that.

Maria Loreto – Holy Sepulchre     Maria Loret - Chapel     Maria Loreto - Courtyard