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Doupov Mountains
Carlsbad Highlands
Ore Mountains
Slavkov Forest
Teplá Highlands
Ore Mountains 

Ore MountainsKrušné hory (English: Ore Mountains, German: Erzgebirge) are a continual mountain range stretching more than 130 km and drawing a natural border between Bohemia and Germany, where the mountains gradually descend into lowlands. The decline is much steeper on the Czech side. The difference in elevation between the top plateaus and the foothills is 700 metres. The mountain range is divided into several portions, such as Klínovecká hornatina (Klínovec Uplands) or Cínovecká planina (Cínovec Plateau). The original mountains were formed in the Palaeozoic period. Thanks to intensive volcanic activity in the past, the Ore Mountains are rich in metal ores and curative springs, which gave rise to numerous spa resorts.

For those keen on winter sports, the Ore Mountains offer ideal conditions. The ski and recreation resorts include Klínovec, Boží Dar, Jáchymov, Kovářská, Kraslice, Pernink, Abertamy, Cínovec, Telnice and many more. In addition, the Ore Mountains are an ideal summer destination with plenty of mountain hiking and cycling opportunities.