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Tall Stone 

Tall StoneThe quartz massif resembling ruins of a castle is located to the west of the village of Kostelní (red tourist path). The Vysoký kámen Nature Monument (Tall Stone), which has been subject to protection since 1974, is situated near the state border with Germany above the village of Kámen near the town of Kraslice. The area of the protected locality is 3.6 hectares. The site has been declared a nature monument in order to conserve the geologically and aesthetically valuable rock formation – i.e. quartzite with a graywacke structure and a stone field, which is a perfect example of cryogenic weathering of rock (weathering caused by freezing water) in the Quaternary period. The impressive geological formation is a frequently visited tourist site. A look-out point may be found at the top of the stone tower, offering a magnificent view of the countryside around the town of Kraslice and of the neighbouring Germany. According to frequent sightings, the locality had been the nesting site of the Eurasian eagle owl (bubo bubo) until 1995 and the Eurasian lynx (lynx lynx) or the brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos) were allegedly spotted here.
The Vysoký kámen Nature Monument is located in the Leopoldovy Hamry Nature Park. In the Palaeozoic age, it had been a part of the continent separating the North Sea from the sea covering the territory of present-day North Bohemia. Slate sediments were formed containing well-cleavable slate. For this reason, slate was mined here in the past. The natural formation was saved from further excavation by the town of Kraslice, which bought the land in 1906. A lodge with an inn used the stand here, however, it burnt down after being struck by a lightning and was never rebuilt. Many rare plant species may be found here and that is why the top and its surroundings are protected as a nature monument. By climbing a footbridge and an iron ladder, you may reach an observation platform offering a breathtaking view as far as Slavkovský les (Slavkov Forest), Český les (Bohemian Forest), Halštrov, Smrčiny, and the western part of the Ore Mountains.

You can get to the nature monument by bike if you follow cycle route No. 36. At the junction in the village of Kostelní, follow the red-marked tourist path, which will lead you through the village of Kámen straight to the nature monument. Alternatively, you can go on cycle route No. 2132 from Luby and at the Pod vodárnou junction, you will turn to the red-marked tourist path and continue on it. The tourist path will lead you through the Tříslová junction and after about 3 kilometres; you will reach the nature monument from the southwest.

There are many legends and tales associated with the Tall Stone, such as the legend of the evil knight and his castle, tales of elves, the "White Lady", and a big treasure. It is said that a massive castle had stood on the site and the cruel and merciless lord who dwelled in the castle tormented his serfs. One day, an old wandering singer entered the castle gate to entertain his lordship. However, the knight sent his dogs at the singer. The injured and humiliated singer cursed the inhospitable place, bringing disaster on the evil knight and his castle. The earth shook and the castle disappeared into the deep. The knight, however, did not find peace at death's door. When the night is dark, the sound of rumble, cries and neighing horses may be heard from the entrails of the stone. Only tall stone columns resembling stone towers have remained standing to our time.