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Dominik Boulder 

Dominik BoulderThe solitary granite boulder known as Dominik is an excellent example of selective granite weathering. The perched boulder is composed of grained granite and it represents the more resistant rock "core", which surfaced following the erosion of overlaying waste and was further shaped and transformed by natural elements to its current appearance. A substantial factor contributing to its formation was also rectangular or globular jointing. The round boulder with dimensions 3.5 x 1.5 x 2 m is composed of porphyric biotite granite. As its base surface is quite small, it is quite easy to slightly rock the boulder. There are several similar perched boulders in the Czech Republic. You may see an interesting object on top of the boulder resembling a rock bowl. It was believed that the bowl had been made by man and that it had served for pagan rituals as a sacrifice bowl. However, its natural origin has been proved. Another rock bowl may be found on one of the Kynžvart Rocks. The largest rock bowl may be found in  Melechov near Slavonice close to the town of Jindřichův Hradec. It is almost 3 metres long and 1.2 metres deep. The Dominik Boulder has been a popular sight visited by many hikers and excursionists since the 18th century – as evidenced by several inscriptions dated to 1776 and 1796. Today, the perched boulder is a nature monument.