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Vernéřov Mines 

Vernéřov Mines Above the village of Vernéřov at the crossing of bike routes, you will find an information board dedicated to Horní Paseky. In the 1490’s, brothers Vít and Oldřich Zedtwitz were granted permission by Bohemian King Vladislav to open and own gold, silver and other metal mines in the area of Aš, including mines in Vernéřov and Paseky. We do not know how long the mines in Vernéřov remained in operation, nonetheless, we do know that in 1700, Kryštof Zedtwitz submitted an agreement on ore and mineral mining for the registration in the commercial register. Tin was extracted largely by placer mining in the 15th and 16th century. Piles of washed-out gangue were left along the stream banks as a reminder of this method of metal mining. In the 1930’s, a group of 13 houses with 84 inhabitants, which belonged to the village of Vernéřov, was designated as Na Pískách. The remains of mining activities are a protected nature monument and they are located approximately 500 metres to the west. You can get there from the junction by the forest path that leads to the pub in Vernéřov. After about 200 metres, you will turn right and continue on the forest path for another 300 metres. On the site, you will find only piles of waste rock and a concrete panel with a cover blocking the entrance to the mine.