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Wallenstein's Oak 

Wallenstein's OakThe monumental oak in the village of Okrouhlá is named after the notable nobility personage of Czech history. In February 1634, when the tree was hardly 100 years old, a large company escorting the then already ill Duchy of Friedland, Albrecht von Wallenstein (Czech: Albrecht z Valdštejna), stopped by the tree. The duke fleeing Bohemia was in immense pain and he was forced to travel on a stretcher hinged between two strong horses. He was murdered in Cheb Castle shortly afterwards. In the early 20th century, the oak was named Wallenstein's Oak in his honour.

The European oak (Quercus robur) Dub sprouted up in the 1550’s and today, with its girth exceeding 6.7 metres, it is the mightiest tree in the district of Cheb.
At present, no bike route leads to the village of Okrouhlá. You can either take the turn from the nearest cycle route (CR No. 36, 2129) in Lipová and after riding for about 6 km via the village of Stebnice, you will arrive in Okrouhlá. Or you can go on cycle route No. 2244 and take the turn in Mokřina and continuing via Úval for another 5 km, you will reach a 1st class road, on which you will take the left turn and continue for another 700 metres to the village of Okrouhlá.