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U Cihelny (At the Brick-kiln) 

Egeran displayed at Cheb MuseumThe rare mineral deposit may be found not far from the village of Hazlov, in the vicinity of the local golf course in the valley of Hazlovský potok (Hazlov Brook). If you take cycle route No. 2064 from the chateau in Hazlov, you will reach the Golfer's Club House. There, you will turn left in the direction of a stream and continue on a field path leading along a small pond and the right side of a meadow. After about 300 metres, you will reach the "U Cihelny" (At the Brick Kiln) deposit. The deposit is rich in brown vesuvianite and egeran, a variant of vesuvianite distinguished by its rod-like radial concentric alignment. Vesuvianite-egeran in Hazlov was described by J. W. Goethe and named after the town of Cheb (German: Eger). The deposit is the only one of its kind in Europe it is therefore protected as a natural monument. The deposit is named after the former brick kiln (German: Ziegelhütte), which was used to stand near the railway crossing on the road to Aš. A large egeran specimen is displayed in the Cheb Museum.