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Sychrava's Spruce 
Sychrava's SpruceSychrava's Spruce

Several monumental spruces may be found in the valley of Velká Libava in Slavkovský les (Slavkov Forest). It is probably an area with the highest occurrence of tall spruces in the entire Karlovy Vary Region. The mightiest spruce of the Slavkov Forest and the Karlovy Vary Region and apparently the third most robust spruce in the Czech Republic may be found here. 
It used to be a solitary tree and it is commonly known as Sychrava's Spruce. Its girth is more than 490 cm and its height is almost 36 metres. Its age is estimated at 240 years. Even if it is not as well known as the King of Spruces in nearby Mariánské Lázně and it is not as tall, its girth is larger and it is approximately 40 years older.
Sychrava's SpruceSychrava's Spruce is a protected tree and its trunk standing out due to its robust cylindrical shape is indeed quite astonishing. Despite the fact that a windstorm damaged the top of the tree in December 1999, breaking many of its branches, it seems the mighty spruce did not suffer any major harm and that it is still vital. The state-owned enterprise Forests of the CR have attached a Girth compared to my bikesmall sign to the tree, which says: Sychrava's Spruce – Significant Tree.
You can get to the tree giant by following the yellow-marked tourist path from the Hvězda Junction near Kladská or from the other direction from the yellow and blue path junction on the road in the former village of Dolní Lazy. The nearest bike route is cycle route No. 2136 intersecting the junction in Horní Lazy where you have to leave the bike route and continue via Horní Lazy and Štipkovna down to Velká Libava. There, you will continue on the already mentioned yellow-marked tourist path.