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Boží Dar Špičák Mountain 

The Boží Dar Špičák MountainThe Boží Dar Špičák Mountain (literally meaning "Spike Mountain") is a 1,115 metres high mountain of volcanic origin towering over the Božídarské rašeliniště National Nature Reserve. It was formed in the Tertiary period when basalt lava covered Archeozoic and Palaeozoic crystalline schist, and it is the highest volcano in Central Europe. It is a dome-shaped basalt knob with an elongated vertex and steep boulder slopes. A small quarry with a perfect example of basalt columnar jointing may be found on its southwest slope. The Špičák Mountain towers over the surrounding levelled terrain by 50 metres. Its slopes and top are covered with spruce forest with occasional deciduous trees. A geodetic point may be found at its top, which also offers a partial view of the surrounding countryside in the east and southeast direction. The top of the mountain is not accessible by bike.