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Rathsam Nature Reserve 

Rathsam Nature ReserveThe Rathsam Nature Reserve (declared as a nature monument in 1990 and as a nature reserve in 1998) protects the meandering confluence of the Ohře and the Reslava rivers and the adjoining wetlands. In the past, the eastern part of the reserve was disturbed by the building of border barriers. At the end of the war, the village of Rathsam stood on the left bank of the Reslava River in the southern part of the reserve. The Reslava flows into the Ohře on the border with Germany. Rathsam was a small village with 16 houses and about 80 German inhabitants. Following the displacement of the German population in 1945, new settlers did not come to the village and it disappeared from the map before being given a Czech name. The former village gradually changed into meadows and today, not even the original access roads are traceable.