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Smraďoch Nature Reserve 

Smraďoch Nature Reserve

SmraďochThe small nature reserve was established on September 10, 1968 and it is a part of a system of Mariánské Lázně springs, the effluents of which are situated along the fault zone. Mineral waters are formed in a rather uniform flow of fresh groundwater steeply descending from the drainage basin on the high plateau of Slavkovský les (Slavkov Forest) to Plánská kotlina (Planá Cauldron). More substantial groundwater circulation is traceable only to the depth of approximately 50 metres. The formation of partial spring structures depends on the local geological structure, tectonic exposition, subsurface effluent discharge of gases, as well as the morphology of the territory. Characteristic plant communities have evolved within the locality due to the specific environmental conditions.

SmraďochA combination of these factors resulted in a number of independent spring structures with approximately 40 captured springs. One of the springs, Farská or Farářská kyselka (Parson's acidulous water) is captured on the site at a depth of 1.5 metres and its yield is approximately 10 l/min. It is fresh cold acidulous water with mineralization of approximately 2.7 g/l and 5.5 pH. As regards chemical properties, it is hydrogen carbonate water with magnesium and iron content. CO2 gas emanations may be found in the locality in the form of mofettes.