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Popov Trees 

In the former village of Popov near the town Jáchymov, we may find several trees closely connected with the fate of the village's original inhabitants. The trees were planted by the villagers' home to protect them and to create a home-like atmosphere. The villagers probably believed that the long-living trees would guard the homes of their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Nonetheless, the people left the village, some involuntarily, others out of their own decision, and the trees were left to their own fate. The abandoned village was forgotten. The deserted houses were turning into ruins, but many trees lived on. Two linden trees, a monumental European ash, and a European white birch have survived to our time.
No cycle route leads to Popov, but you can get there by the green-marked tourist path from Jáchymov or from Mariánské Lázně, if you take the turn from cycle route No. 2198 and continue on a field path (suitable only for mountain bikes) and turn under an electric power line towards the southeast.

Popov lindens may be found next to the collapsed walls of what once had been village houses.
Lower Popov Linden - it is a large-leaved linden (Tilia platyphyllos), its girth is 807 cm and its height is approximately 20 m. Due to the weight of the growing branches, the trunk is divided into two separate halves, between which you may easily pass. Both the tree halves are about 1 metre apart and they are growing as separate trees. In 2002, the linden tree underwent professional conservation to avoid any further deflection of the trunk parts. The tree is located at an elevation of 720 m and it has been under protection since 1985. You definitely cannot miss it - it stands by the green-marked tourist path from Jáchymov to Hluboký.

Upper Popov Linden - it is a more than 400-year-old small-leaved linden (Tilia cordata) standing by a bee-house at an elevation of 730 m. Its girth is 905 cm and its height is 28 m. After the village had been abandoned, nobody looked after the lime tree and its branches became too thick and overgrown. The weight of the bulkiest branch and the hollow trunk caused the branch to break and fall. The tree has been under protection since 1985 and it is not easy to find, especially in summer when all trees are covered with leaves. You will find it about 50 metres from an unmarked path from Popov to Mariánské Lázně behind a big bee-house amidst a thicket of wildings.

Popov Birch - it is a solitary European white birch (Betula pendula) monument tree. It is 22 m tall and its girth is 285 cm. The birch has been subject to protection since 2003 pro due to its height and aesthetic value. It is the youngest of the Popov trees. You may find the monumental, spreading tree near the Upper Popov Linden.

Popov Ash - It is an extraordinary, approximately 200-year-old protected tree its girth is 684 cm and its height is more than 30 metres. In 2002, it won the 2002 Tree of the Year out of 140 nominees and 12 finalists. Despite probably being the biggest tree of its kind in the Czech Republic, it has remained hidden from the public in almost impenetrable thickets on the territory of the former village of Dolní Popov. The Popov Ash was discovered in the early 1990s by a dentist from Karlovy Vary, Jaroslav Frouz. To get to the tree, you have to go down the green-marked tourist path in the direction of Hluboký, and after about 300 metres, you need to turn right to an unmarked path, which, after another 200 metres, leads through a wide clearance under an electric power line.