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Flour Sacks 

Flour Sacks on Jelení Hill

The Moučné pytle Nature Monument (Flour Sacks) may be found at Jelení vrch (Deer Hill) in the Slavkovský les (Slavkov Forest) at an elevation of 644 metres. Even if the journey to the Flour Sacks Nature Monument is quite challenging, it is definitely worth the climb. The origin of the name Flour Sacks is based on a legend according to which the stone formation is a flour load belonging to a close-fisted peasant that turned into stone. 
Geologists denote such formations as frost cliffs. It should be mentioned, however, that a frost cliff is not a frost-covered cliff, it merely denotes a rock step formed by lateral weathering during the ice age when, due to continuous freezing and de-freezing the rock cracked on the sides and the loose rocks fell out. Thereby, quite bizarre rock formations, were created, which are usually protected as nature monuments. The shape of the Flour Sacks is so distinct that you will hardly find a similar formation in the Slavkov Forest. The especially protected area covers 0.6 hectares and it has been declared as such by the Slavkovský les PLA Administration in 1997. 
You can get to Jelení Hill from Karlovy Vary by taking cycle route No. 2017 from the SOS Village. You will pass the Bor Lodge and in a bend before a red cross, you will see a sign with the state emblem on the left from the road. A 100-metre path leads around the sign that will take you through a clearing to the hilltop straight to the Flour Sacks Nature Monument. The slope from the sign to the hilltop is so steep that there is no chance of riding up on your bike.