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Loket Ivy 

Ivy in LoketTwo massive protected ivy plants may be found in the town of Loket, near the intersection of cycle routes Nos. 362 and 204, on a rock facing the south. They are growing at an elevation of 380 m and they are about 12 metres high. They have been protected since 1993.

The common ivy (Hedera helix) Both plants form a single crownis a trailing or climbing vine from the aralia (Araliaceae) family with vines up to 20 metres long, which attach to the base by numerous root-like holdfasts growing along the shaded side of the vine. It is an evergreen plant and it has two types of leaves – the non-flowering juvenile leaves with 3 to 5 lobes and adult rhomboid-shaped flowering leaves. Ivy begins flowering at the age of several decades. The yellow-green flowers forming an umbelliferous inflorescence pattern are typically seen in September and October. Ivy cultivars belong among houseplants. The ivy is extremely poisonous and it was used against parasitic worms in traditional folk medicine. Ivy leaves contain alkaloids a glycosides and merely touching a leaf may cause an allergic reaction. A similar 100-year-old protected ivy specimen may be seen climbing on the town walls in Prachatice.