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Kyselecký Hamr Acidulous Water 

Spring alcoveA unique acidulous water spring may be found in the valley of Stebnický potok (Stebnice Stream) about 2 kilometres to the south of the village of Mýtina, which is accessible by cycle route No. 2129. The spring is known as Kyselecký Hamr and it is partly accessible by bike. Ride on the road through the village of Mýtina, which changes to a field road at the end of the village and turns left up a hill. After approximately 1 kilometre, you will reach a junction of the yellow and red-marked tourist paths near Kyselecký Hamr with a covered shelter. From the junction, you will continue for another 300 metres down the yellow-marked tourist path towards a stream. The path is rather steep and it is suitable only for mountain bikes. Less skilled bikers are recommended to walk and to leave their bikes by the shelter. A hammer-mill had once stood by the stream, and its foundations may still be found by the stream. You will turn left behind the small bridge and after 200 metres, you will see the spring alcove. The spring flows out from crystalline rock on the edge of the Cheb basin. Due to its composition, however, it belongs among the group of carbonic waters of Mariánské Lázně. It is a typical crack spring hidden in alluvium (the youngest part of the Quaternary period). The water has low pH (4.9) and a high content of CO2, which bubbles through the water column in the collection tank. The acidulous water is collected rather uniquely, namely by means of a stone curbing made of granite preserved from 1648. In the past, acidulous water was usually collected into hollow tree trunks as we can often see in Slavkovský les (Slavkov Forest), or by means of wooden boards. Kyselecký hamr acidulous water spring is unique due to its higher lithium content and it allegedly yields more than 200 litres per minute. Some of the locals claim that the mineral water aids in curing stomach ulcers. Further information on the acidulous water may be found in the regional evening news of the Czech Television, i.e. Kyselecký hamr springSpring effluentVečerník z Čech released in April 2006. After the Velvet Revolution in 1989, a local association of entrepreneurs wanted to exploit the spring for bottling. The construction of a filling plant began in 1996, nevertheless, it was never completed. You can visit the filling plant construction site in the village of Mýtina.