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Alley of the Cross 

The monumental linden alley not far from Bečov in the valley between Hůrka and Dřevařský vrch (Woodsmen's Hill) can be found next to the road from Vodná to Hlinky. It is a quite bizarre alley planted in the shape of a big cross and the letter "M", and it is also known as Princess Maria's Alley. A romantic legend says that the alley was planted in the late 19th century upon the order of Duke Beaufort whose daughter Maria had tragically perished on the site when hunting in winter. According to another legend, she died because her coach or sled had turned upside down, and another legend claims that the girl lost her way and froze to death. A few years ago, however, it was finally discovered that, in fact, the alley had been planted in the shape of the letter "M" by Duke Friedrich Beaufort-Spontini (1843-1916) in honour of his cousin, Princess Maria Spada-Potenciami. The duke ordered the planting of the cross-shaped alley after her death.
You can reach the alley by cycle route No. 362. Starting from Bečov in the direction of Karlovy Vary, you will not take the turning towards Háje but you will continue on the main road to the village of Vodná where you will turn right to Hlinky. After about 2 kilometres, you will see the alley from the road on a slope to the left.