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The King of Spruces 

 King of Spruces

Massive trunkAlready before World War II, spa guests had admired Reitenberger's Spruce standing in the forest behind the spa headquarters building in the centre of a monument dedicated to those perished in World War I. Its girth was 314 cm, its height was 42 m, its diameter was 100 cm, and its cubic capacity was 16.5 m3. Regretfully, the mighty 170-year-old spruce fell victim to the cruel winter of 1946 and 1947.
In 1972, forester Vladimír Šindelář discovered a monumental spruce on the hillside behind Srnčí hřbet (Deer Saddle) and he exerted immense effort to save the giant. The Norway spruce (Picea abies) is almost 200 years old, its girth is about 430 cm, its height is 40 m, and its lower branches Rest areahave grown to form separate trunks with a girth of more than 100 cm. The spruce has been declared a monument tree on December 12, 1985. It rightfully rouses admiration among spa visitors and it is denoted as the King of Spruces or Šindelář's Spruce. It is estimated that the majestic spruce sprouted up around the year 1818 when Mariánské Lázně were declared a public spa. A group of spruce-twins may be found in the same forest, equal in girth to their king.
You can reach the King of Spruces by the local cycle route No. IV or No. 361 from Mariánské Lázně. At the junction where cycle route No. 361 continues to the left towards the village of Valy, you will turn right to an unmarked road and follow the signs showing the direction to the King of Spruces.The spruce is fenced and an information board is installed next to it. Even if the spruce is denoted as the King of Spruces, its girth cannot match Sychrava's Spruce near the village of Lazy, and it is also some 40 years younger.