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Kozly Linden 

Small-leaved linden in KozlyNot long ago, it had been one of the largest lindens in the district of Karlovy Vary. It used to stand on the land of Mr. Lubomír Vrána, the owner of a restaurant and pension in a framed house known as Vraní dvůr (Raven Court) in the village of Kozly near Hroznatov. As it grew in the border zone, it escaped the attention of both the public and conservationists. It was accidentally discovered by employees of the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection only in 2003. It was a monumental small-leaved linden (Tilia cordata) with a large hollow in its trunk caused by a previous fire. Despite its age, the linden was vital and duly cared for by Mr. Vrána. Regretfully, the linden was burnt out by vandals in the following year and the damage was fatal. Today, you may see the relics of the trunk, the size of which foreshadows the mightiness and the age of the tree. You can get to the linden by cycle route No. 2129, turning to Kozly in the village of Mýtina.