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Horse Spring 

Horse Spring

Today, Koňská kyselka (Horse acidulous mineral water) is the most significant of the three springs in the valley of Chotěnovský potok (Chotěnov Brook) recorded in historical documents. The name of the acidulous water is based on a legend, according to which a horse-drawn army wagon drowned in a local swamp during the 30 Years War. Nowadays, the acidulous water springs out amidst alders, but it had been surrounded by meadows in the past and alders and willows have been spreading over the past decades. Koňský pramen (Horse Spring) a cold and slightly mineralised acidulous hydrogen carbonate water, rich in calcium, magnesium and iron. The CO2 content is 2,197 mg/l ; and in 1996 the acidulous water spring was declared a nature monument. Another effluent had been located approximately 150 metres downstream from the Horse Spring, nevertheless, it dried out as a result of melioration and ground shaping.