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Grün Acidulous Mineral Water  

Grün Acidulous Mineral Water 2008 Grünská kyselka (Grün acidulous water) is also known as Novoveská kyselka (Nová Ves acidulous water) or Magnesia. It is one of the best-known acidulous spring waters of Slavkovský les (Slavkov Forest). It was first captured in 1893 on the land of Duke Heinrich von Beaufort-Spontin, of Bečov and named Grünská kyselka. It is distinguished by its high magnesium and carbonate content and it is collected by means of a 17-metre deep well. Soon after capturing the spring, the water began to be bottled and delivered to towns as a luxurious beverage. The owner of the land and of the springs, Duke von Beaufort-Spontin, initially leased out the springs for bottling to the Moser Company, and then in 1899 to Engelbert Zuleger, a landowner from Nová Ves, who started bottling and exporting the acidulous mineral water. It is said that more than half a million bottles had been filled already before the 1900’s. The curative properties of the acidulous water were brought to attention by spa physician, Professor E. H. Kisch. A restaurant for excursionists with a terrace known as the Waldcafé Almbrünnl was built on the premises of the filling plant. The restaurant was a frequent destination of visitors from Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně.
During World War II, the filling plant served as a camp for French captives who bottled the acidulous water and called it Sudetenquelle (Sudeten Spring). The water was designated for the German Afrikakorps commanded by General Rommel. It was allegedly also delivered to the concentration camp in Auschwitz. The filling plant had renewed its operations for a short period from the end of World War II until 1948, distributing water in 0.33l bottles. From then on, the plant and the restaurant were gradually dilapidating. Last remnants of the buildings were removed in the 1980’s and today, only their foundations are visible. New wells were drilled in the 1980’s which are currently used by the Karlovarské minerální vody, a.s. to bottle their well-known Magnesia mineral water. At first, water was transported by tank trucks and today it is supplied to the company's new filling plant in nearby Mnichov through a pipeline. The property on which the wells are located is fenced. A public spillway leads from the well where visitors may taste the delicious water.
You can get to the springs from Prameny (cycle route No. VI) on the road leading along-side the Three Crosses to Nová Ves. There, take the turn to the village of Louka and continue along Domina´s Rock. After approximately 1 kilometre, turn right and continue down a rough asphalt road. You can also reach the springs by cycle route No. 362 from Bečov on the road to Mnichov. After passing the fish-ponds, take the first turning on the right to Louky and you will reach the junction with the road leading to the springs from the other side. Keep in mind, however, that the route to Louka leading from this direction is quite steep. Nová Ves and its acidulous water are associated with a legend (No.15) of the Snake Queen.

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