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Domina's Rock 

Domina's Rock It is beyond any doubt that the protected serpentinite rock cliff near the village of Nová Ves (formerly Hoher Fels), which is considered one of the most unique local landmarks, is a singular habitat of the Slavkovský les (Slavkov Forest) from the point of view of natural history. The unique rock was named after the Czech botanist Karel Domin, i.e. Dominova skalka (Domina's Rock). Situated at an elevation of 757 metres Domina's Rockery is home to an immense variety of rare and protected plant species and as such, it represents one of the best-developed serpentine communities of the Slavkov Forest. Serpentinite is a metamorphic rock transformed in the course of geological development that is largely composed of secondary iron and magnesium silicates. Its colour is dark green due to the chlorine compounds contained in most of the minerals. Serpentinite got its name because its surface resembles snake skin. Soil formed by weathering contains a high percentage of magnesium and along with other elements, it creates a specific substrate, which greatly influences the growing vegetation.

The idea of protecting the unique serpentinite rockery first appeared in 1973, nonetheless, the site was officially declared a nature monument only in March 1989. In the more recent past, the territory of the reserve was to be included in a game preserve with intense deer breeding, however, the plan has never been carried into effect. The PLA Administration supports environmentally-friendly goat and sheep grazing in the area. Conservation efforts are focused on preserving serpentine vegetation, including species subject to special protection (i.e. 3 critically endangered species, 1 highly endangered species). Apart from heath (Erica) and box-leaved milkwort (Polygala chamaebuxus), we may also find the rare mouse-ear chickweed (Cerastium alsinifolium) arnica (Arnica montana)serpentine spleenwort (Asplenium cuneifolium)moonwort (Botrychium lunaria) and the critically endangered Sudeten bedstraw (Galium sudeticum). Rare insect species typical for non-wood biotopes are also frequent, such as the grasshopper (Caelifera), common yellow swallowtail (Papilio machaon) or the purple emperor (Apatura iris). 

For the time being, no marked bike route leads to Dominova skalka. You can reach Dominova skalka by following route No. VI from Mariánské Lázně to Prameny. From there, continue on the road to Nová Ves. In Nová Ves, take the turning to Mnichov and after about 2 kilometres, you will cross a junction with the green-marked path. The rockery is directly on the right behind a small wood. If you continue on the road to Mnichov for another kilometre, you will reach the turning to the springs of Grün (Nová Ves) Acidulous Mineral Water.