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Svoboda's Alley 

Svoboda's Alley Nature MonumentThe protected 2.5 kilometre long alley with hundreds of oaks is situated in the spa woods near Mariánské Lázně. The oaks were planted in 1902 along a new road connecting two gamekeeper's lodges in the forest district known then as the Marienloh Wald. The narrow and straight forest path leading from the lodge known as Na Hvězdě (or Svoboda and previously as Heger) to the lodge known as Valy (formerly Metternich) is called Alej Svobody (Svoboda's Alley). It was named after gamekeeper Svoboda, who had lived in the Na Hvězdě lodge for many years. Along both sides of the path, the trees form an alley, somewhat sparse in some places. In the past, the alley was planted in an open terrain with sufficient space for the trees, while today, the oaks are slowly disappearing in the spruce forest spreading on both sides of the alley. The century-old oaks are shading rapidly and some are even drying up.

The local cycle route No. IV (Mariánské Lázně – Kynžvart) passes through the whole alley and cycle route No. 361 (Teplá – Krásné) through a part of the alley, turning in the direction of Valy at the junction by the King of Spruces. European oakSvoboda's AlleySvoboda's Alley