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Nature Reserves and Protected Landscape Areas  


Slavkovský les Protected Landscape Area

Slavkovský lesThe protected landscape area (PLA) was established in 1974 with the aim to conserve the landscape spreading out towards the world famous West Bohemian spas of Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně and Františkovy Lázně.

Basic Information:

Area: 610 km2 
Elevation: 374 m above sea level (Ohře River near Karlovy Vary) - 983 m above sea level (Lesný Hill) 
Designation: Edict No. 7657/1974 of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Socialist Republic 
Small-size specially protected areas in the PLA

        • 2 national nature reserves
        • 3 national nature monuments
        • 10 nature reserves
        • 12 nature monuments

The Administration of the Slavkovský les PLA is also in charge of the management and protection of the SOOS, Velké jeřábí jezero (Great Crane Lake) and Velký močál (Great Swamp) National Nature Reserves, as well as the national nature monuments of Komorní hůrka (Chamber Hill), Železná hůrka (Iron Hill) and Lužní potok (Meadow Brook).

Slavkovský les (Slavkov Forest) is distinguished by its unique landscape. The whole area is of a peneplain character. Its highest peaks Lesný (Lesný Hill) and Lysina (Lysina Hill) are situated in the slightly truncated uplands in the west. A significant component of the south-western part of Slavkovský les are extensive raised bogs with stands of Swiss mountain pine, European birch, as well as typical peat vegetation species. Vast forest complexes along with peat bogs form an enormous natural water reservoir, thereby beneficially affecting the water regime of the surrounding regions, namely of the West Bohemian spas. By protecting the areas of origin of mineral springs, the Slavkovský les Protected Landscape Area distinctly differs from other protected landscape areas in the Czech Republic.

The whole area is interwoven with a network of well-marked tourist paths that take tourists to attractive natural and historical points of interest in winter as well as in summer (e.g. Premonstratensian Monastery in Teplá, Loket and Bečov Castle, or Kynžvart Chateau). The PLA Administration invites you to explore the Kladská Nature Trail, a part of which is accessible to persons in wheelchairs, and the Smraďoch (Stinkard) Nature Trail.

Nature Trails in the Karlovy Vary Region

Flora of Slavkovský les

Fauna of Slavkovský les

Nature Reserves


The most valuable landscape segments of the Slavkov Forest are subject to special protection in 26 small-size areas – i.e. National Nature Reserves (NNR), National Nature Monuments (NNM), Nature Reserves (NR), and Nature Monuments (NM).

Some of the areas accessible by tourist paths include:

  • Kladské rašeliny NNR – 5 locations, with the Tajga peat bog accessible by following the nature trail
  • Smraďoch NR – Nature trail
  • Vlček NR – Accessible only up to Prameny by following the blue tourist mark
  • Křížky NNM – Information board
  • Svatošské skály NNM – Nature trail accessible by following the blue tourist mark on the Karlovy Vary – Loket tourist path
  • Šemnická skála NM – Accessible by following the yellow tourist mark from Andělské Hory
  • Upolínová louka NNM – Accessible for view only from the road near Prameny
  • Holina NR – Accessible by following the green tourist mark from Lázně Kynžvart
  • Údolí Teplé NR – Accessible by road or railway leading through the valley
  • Dominova skalka NM – Accessible by following the green tourist mark from Bečov nad Teplou
  • Kynžvartský kámen NM – Accessible by following the yellow tourist mark from Lázně Kynžvart
  • Čedičové varhany u Hlinek NM – Accessible from the road leading from Hlinky to Přílezy
  • Koňský pramen NM – Accessible by following the red tourist mark from Chotěnov
  • Čiperka NM– Accessible by following the green tourist mark from Michalovy Hory  
  • Podhorní vrch NR – Accessible by following the red tourist mark on the path from Mariánské Lázně via Ovesné to Kladruby
  • Moučné pytle NM – Accessible by following the green tourist path from Karlovy Vary to Horní Slavkov

The Geographic Information System Section of the Department of Information Technology of the Regional Authority of the Karlovy Vary Region developed an application mapping the Nature Reserve Management Plan of our region. The plan was drawn up by the Department of Environment and Agriculture of the RAKVR.

We recommend this application to all visitor. It contains abundant textual information about the management plans of particular locations, as well as a great variety of photographic material depicting the divergent landscape characters, flora, and fauna.

Detailed Information: 

 Photos by: Rudolf Vážný