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Karlovy Vary
Mariánské Lázně
Františkovy Lázně
Lázně Kynžvart
Healing Resources 

Natural healing sources are used for therapeutic procedures. The cold hypotonic acidulous water is used for drinking cures, inhalations and for the preparation of carbonic and mineral baths. Furthermore, peat, mud and natural healing gas, so called Mary gas, are also employed for the procedures, not to mention the benefits of the unique climate of the hills around.

Cross Spring

Křížový pramen (Cross Spring)
CO2 content: 2 896 mg/l Mineralization: 9 600 mg/l Yield: 1.1 l/min.
This is the most famous and one of the oldest springs in use. It comes to the surface in the pavilion of the Cross Spring. In 1808 the first spa season was opened by this spring.

Ferdinand Spring Ferdinandův pramen (Ferdinand Spring)
CO2 content: 2 508 mg/l Mineralization: 10 810 mg/l Yield: 15 l/min.
The spring has seven outlets but for drinking cures the Ferdinand I is used. It is also bottled as table water known as Excelsior. The outlets are to be found in the Ferdinand Spring Colonnade in the suburb of Usavice.
Forest Spring Lesní pramen (Forest Spring)
CO2 content: 2 631 mg/l Mineralization: 3620 mg/l Yield: 15 l/min.
The spring rises in the classicist pavilion in the northern part of the town. A drinking fountain is situated on the building of the New Spa.
Ambroz Spring Ambrožův pramen (Ambroz Spring) 
CO2 content: 2 420 mg/l Mineralization: 630 mg/l Yield: 11 l/min.
The spring has three outlets that are similar in their properties. They rise in the park below the Central Spa.
Rudolf Spring Rudolfův pramen (Rudolf Spring)
CO2 content: 2 444 mg/l Mineralization: 2160 mg/l Yield: 16 l/min.
The spring rises in Usavice in the Rudolf Spring Pavilion. It is piped into the Rudolf and Caroline Springs Colonnade and the Cross Spring Colonnade for patients to drink.

Caroline Spring

Karolinin pramen (Caroline Spring) 
CO2 content: 2 600 mg/l Mineralization: 1690 mg/l Yield: 20 l/min. The spring comes out in the Rudolf and Caroline Springs Colonnade and it is also piped into the Cross Spring Colonnade.
Maria Spring Mariin pramen
CO2 content: 2 664 mg/l Mineralization: 280 mg/l Yield: 5 l/min. The spring rises near the Central Spa. It is in fact a powerful gas seepage (99.7% CO2) that is then dissolved in surface water. Due to its typical odour of hydrogen monosulphide it used to be called the Smelly One.

Alexandra Spring

Alexanřin pramen (Alexandra Spring)