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Karlovy Vary
Mariánské Lázně
Františkovy Lázně
Lázně Kynžvart
Healing Resources 

The spa takes advantage of the unique climate conditions since it lies below hills at an altitude of more than 700 metres above sea level and above the level of any ground fog.

It is situated on the south western slope of the Slavkov Forest and thanks to the location the sunshine is 20 to 30 % more intense and the average air temperature is lower.

The high and permanent humidity given by the vicinity of mixed forests produces slightly negative ions.

The pure air is regularly checked for the annual minimum values of sulphur oxide, nitrogen dioxide and air dust.

The mineral water belongs to the group of cold acidulous waters of the wide Mariánské Lázně spring region, but the only thing they have in common is the substantial amount of carbon dioxide.

Richard Source

Pramen Richard (Richard Source)
The well known healing mineral water is clear, with a pleasant refreshing taste. It is natural pure acidulous water classed as a hydrogencarbonate, sulphate, calcium and magnesium type. It is cold, and hypotonic with a balanced content of minerals.
The outlet of the spring water has been equipped with a coin and card machine.
This system of accessing mineral water was employed in 1994 due to the fact that its use was abused for business purposes.
The spring water is used for drinking cures. 

Viktor and Helena Spring

Pramen Viktor a Helena (Viktor and Helena Spring)
Both healing springs are natural ferrous acidulous waters of the hydrogencarbonate, calcium and magnesium type with an increased content of silicic acid, calcium and sodium.
The water is cold and hypotonic. Both springs rise in a drinking pavilion.
Helena Spring is used for the irrigation of upper air passages, for gargling, and as it is similar in its properties to the Rudolf Spring in Marianske Lazne, it is also used for the treatment of nephrourological patients (baths, drinking cures).


Pramen Marie (Mary Spring)
The spring is collected in the well below the Sarka spa house.

Badger Spring

Jezevčí pramen (Badger Spring)

Boarish Spring

Kančí pramen (Boarish Spring)

Fox Spring

Liščí prameny (Fox Spring)