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Karlovy Vary
Mariánské Lázně
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 Interesting Buildings and Landmarks 
Slik Castle

Šlikův hrádek (Šlikovka) - (Slik Castle) 

The remains of the original Freudenstein castle from 1517 built to defend the town are situated in the hills above the upper part of the town. Later the castle served as a seat of mining hetmans (managers). The first coins were minted here. The castle burnt down during the Thirty Years' War.

St Joachim Church - the patron of the town and the mines

Kostel sv. Jáchyma -patrona města a dolů (St Joachim Church - the patron of the town and the mines)

The original Gothic building from 1540 which was built by Protestants was later in the 16th century reconsecrated as a Catholic Church and it was burnt out in the 19th century. In 1880 the church was rebuilt in the New Gothic style.

Town Hall

Radnice (Town Hall)

The building was completed in 1544 and in 1784 it was rebuilt in the Classicist style. The town hall boasts a rare portal of Saxon style. It used to be an important place for the autonomy of the town, the district hetman (administrator), and the district court.



A spa complex comprising three hotels was opened in 1992 and it provides comprehensive spa services.

Svornost Mine

Důl Svornost (Svornost Mine)

The oldest Jachymov silver mine from 1529. When mining for uranium in the 19th century a powerful spring gushed out from a depth of 500 metres. Since 1906 the water containing radon has been used for therapeutic purposes in the local spa. This is the oldest mine in operation in Bohemia, and possibly in Europe as well.

Radium Palace

Radium Palace

The Neo Classicist hotel was built in 1912. It was classed as one of the best hotels in Europe thanks to its facilities and the luxuries provided. In the 1990s an extensive modernisation took place in order to retain the individual historical character of this imposing building. Comprehensive therapeutic services are on offer.

Akademik Běhounek

Akademik Běhounek (Akademik Běhounek)

The hotel was built in 1975 and it towers over the Jachymov valley. It offers a unique view over the panorama of the Krusne Hory Mountains. Comprehensive therapeutic services on offer. 

Royal Mint

Královská mincovna (Royal Mint)

The building was completed in 1537 and it boasts lovely corner arcades and majestic subterranean vaults. Famous Jachymov silver coins were minted here called tolary. After the mint was closed down the building served as a seat of the mining authorities and administration, and later it became the first mining training institution in the country. Nowadays it houses a museum.

Spa building - Agricola Spa Centre


Lázeňská budova – Lázeňské centrum Agricola (Spa building - Agricola Spa Centre)

This is the oldest spa building in the town and it has become a traditional symbol of the town. Nearby there is an Examination Institute, a historical building of the Radiology Institute. At present the building is used for x-ray examinations and therapy. It also houses a central laboratory.