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Spa Treatment Indications 

Oncological illnesses - after completion of comprehensive treatment with no signs of recurrence

After completion of demanding and radical oncological treatment patients often suffer from side effects. This condition is not life threatening, but it reduces the quality of the patients' lifestyles, decreases their ability to work properly and affects their economical and social status.

Nowadays, spa treatment can often positively affect the follow up and chronic conditions. Simply the transfer of patients from the hospital surroundings or their home environment can improve their emotional state and remove the link to the unfavourable effects of the primary treatment (vomiting, not enjoying food, depressive moods). Mobility disorders and chronic pain syndromes have been indicators for spa treatment for a very long time, and it is well known how beneficial this treatment can be. The treatment of lymphatic swelling is one of the standard procedures in our establishments. Balneology treatment of trophic disorders can also be very effective. The treatment of functional gynaecological disorders is one of the well tested and established therapeutic treatments.

Treatment of circulation organs

  • Ischemic heart disease including post myocardial infarctions
  • High blood pressure
  • Limb vessel disorders
  • Post-heart disorder operations, post-coronal artery operations, post-heart inflammation condition, and education on conditions with serious risk factors that could be classed as civilisation illnesses

Apart from rehabilitation methods and physical medicine methods, treatment using mineral water (carbonic bath) and healing gas is often applied for this indicator.

Treatment of locomotive organ disorders

  • Painful muscles, tendons and joints Backache
  • Abarticular rheumatism
  • Large (knees, hips) and small joint arthritis, vertebrogenic algic syndrome (backache)

Peat procedures combined with rehabilitation methods and methods of physical therapy are applied.

Optional carbonic bath treatment.

Treatment of gynaecological illnesses

Spa treatment is most often provided to women and girls who have undergone gynaecological operations and operations in the vicinity of female organs. Women suffering from chronic inflammatory illnesses of the inner genitals and their after-effects, disorders of the ovaries and the development of womb are treated here. Another frequent indication treated is sterility and infertility. Disorders are usually treated using peat wraps, carbonic baths and irrigations, rehabilitation and physical therapy. Quite often a drinking cure is also employed.