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Karlovy Vary
Mariánské Lázně
Františkovy Lázně
Lázně Kynžvart
The History of the Town 

Františkovy Lázně was founded in 1793 and till the present the spa has managed to maintain the appearance of a spa town from the turn of the 19th century when European balneology was at its peak.

The names of the town springs had often been confused till 1603 when the Peat Spring with it acidulous water was named. The spring very quickly became known and Cheb doctors started prescribing it as a healing resource. Shortly afterwards the Peat Spring was classed as the most beneficial healing spring in Europe and the entire world started coming here to enjoy its bene­fits. Even the Empress Anne came to Cheb for treatment.

The promising development of the spa town was interrupted by the Thirty Years' War but the acidulous water started to be bottled in ceramic bottles and transported all over Europe so its popularity was on the increase.

After the war the demand for spa treatments increased and the Cheb councillors faced a big dilemma. The actual spring was situated 6 km from the town but it was the town that was making money by providing accommodation to the patients. The councillors were eventually forced, under pressure, to build at least a mock up version of a spa with an inn and a small bath with bathrooms.

In 1785 a Cheb native and future town doctor Dr Adler returned to Cheb from his studies in Vienna. His attempts to extend spa treatment were not met with enthusiasm by local councillors, so Adler left for Prague where the coronation of the Emperor Leopold I took place, and the doctor submitted a written petition for the protection of the spring. The Emperor dispatched a committe to Cheb headed by the provincial construction manager Father Gruber, and the Cheb municipal council had to bow under pressure and promised to establish a spa settlement around the spring but it would become a colony of the town of Cheb. The provincial construction manager suggested the new settlement should be a simple line of houses along the main road with spa houses scattered around. The settlement was named the Village of Emperor Frantisek. The Social House became the centre of the spa social life. In 1807 the spa acquired its new name Frantiskovy Lazne and continued its successful development. The spa underwent a new surge of dynamic development after 1989.